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p018_1_01Conference interpreters can be hired through consultant interpreters, and through various language service companies and simultaneous interpretation equipment suppliers. Because conference interpreting is a service, and you cannot test it before you buy it, it is important to be able to recognize signs of competence in a conference interpreter provider.

A good conference interpreter provider is familiar with professional standards of practice, works with reliable equipment suppliers, and asks for detailed information on the subject and nature of your meeting to select the interpreters who best match your requirements. Learn more…

AIIC consultant interpreters are specialized conference interpreter providers. They can advise on number of interpreters, best interpreting mode, simultaneous interpretation equipment, and other technical and professional matters. Because they themselves are interpreters, they have first-hand knowledge of the conference situation and of other interpreters’ skills and qualities.

AIIC consultant interpreters in the U.S.A.

Barzelatto, Veronica (Individual)
Congrestolken-ConferenceInterpreters (Group)
InterPret Language Services (Individual)

In Canada

Dialogue Conference Interpreters


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